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Truck Rental Tips

Moving Nationwide or even across a state or street can be stressful. Below are some tips that truck rental rates would like to share with you and that we have found to be useful when looking for cheap truck rental companies nationwide.

Follow these moving tips:

Order reprinted address labels with your new address as soon as you know it. It makes the change-of-address process much easier. 

Keep a utility log to check service-transfer dates. If you're moving locally, leave the power and water on at your old address a few extra days so you can go back and clean up after your move.

If you are moving locally you may want to leave your pets with a friend during moving day. Animals can become confused and frightened during a move.

If your looking for local Moving is a great way to compare licensed and insured moving companies available in and around your city. 

Are you in need of a one way truck rental? Then you came to the right place, you can save up to 20% just by booking a One Way Truck Rental on line. Truck Rental makes it easy to compare moving quotes and compare one way truck rental from Penske truck rental. 

Renting A Truck Online

If you are looking into a Truck Rental, you should know that the whole process is quite easy and uncomplicated. You will need to have a valid driver's license, but this is the only paperwork that you will need. There are no driving tests that have to be performed, your driver's license is proof enough that you are capable of driving a truck. You just need to rent the truck and you will be on your way.

There is a lot of convenience to choosing a one way truck rental plan. If you are moving to another state, for example, you will not want to have to drive the truck all the way back. Instead, you want to look to Penske truck rental and their affordable one way truck rental plans. You can pick a truck up at one of the locations nearest you and then drop it off at the nearest location once you arrive at your new home. With locations across the country, you will be able to find a Penske truck rental shop that is very close. 

One way to find the best truck rental rates is by booking online, the internet will have all of the latest deals and discounts that are available and saves companies time and money from you calling or stopping in locally. The truck rental rates when you book on the internet can be very good but remember you will be doing everything yourself. The process is very easy and anyone can figure it out, so you may as well save yourself some money and set things up on the internet. This is a good way to be sure that you will get the vehicle that you want, that you need for whatever job is at hand.

Penske truck rental shops can provide you with everything that you need. Their friendly employees will have your truck ready the moment you arrive. They will also answer any question that you have and will make sure that you are completely satisfied. When this is combined with the convenience of booking online and one way rental, there is no better option around.

When renting a truck you'll always need some packing supplies since you are doing it all on your own, you can purchase moving supplies from a local retailer or you can purchase moving supplies online from which offers cheap moving supplies at wholesale prices.

When Do You Need to pick up the rental truck?

Depending on the timing of your move, you may have to book a truck well in advance. Peak season starts around the end of May and runs until the end of September. If you're planning on moving during this period, call well in advance to reserve a vehicle. Remember that this will also affect pricing. Most agencies charge more during peak season. If you're having a hard time booking a truck, keep in mind that most people move at the beginning or end of a month. Mid-month moves usually are less popular, so if you're time is flexible, avoid month-ends and beginnings. Get your free quote on truck rental.

Are you moving any cars? Will you be driving the car yourself or towing it behind the rental truck? Do you have any motorcycles or snowmobiles or boats? A trailer rental can increase your costs by an extra $150 to $300, depending on when you need it and if you need a trailer hitch and how many days you require it. Ask the company what costs are involved and what the best option is to move additional vehicles. Get a free quote for door to door shipping from the cheapest car shipping website for a secure open carrier or closed carrier transport.

Cross country truck rental is a great way to move your belongings. Not only can the large move be deducted on your tax return (that means more cash for your cross country truck rental!) Once you move across country and get to your final destination, inspect the moving truck once more time for any new damage before you return the truck rental.

What is the deductible? Does the coverage extend to other states and countries? Does the coverage include property damage if your belongings are affected by an accident? What about theft? Not only ask these questions of your credit card company, but also of the rental agent and make sure you're fully protected.

Get a free truck rental quote from any size truck. Free unlimited mileage for a one way truck rental or one way van rental from penske truck rental.

ABF U-Pack - You Load, They Drive Movers

Self Moving

If your looking to move your self then ABF U-Pack is the best way to do self moving. All you have to do is load and unload the truck your self.


Penske Truck Rental agencies will offer additional insurance which can cost up to $30.00 per day for every day the truck is on the road. Before you agree to the additional coverage, make sure you call your credit card companies. Most higher-end cards have built-in protection. Read the fine-print to make sure the insurance covers larger vehicles like moving vans and trailers and if you're towing your vehicle, if the coverage extends to any potential damage to your car. Will it protect you for collision?