Penske 16 ft. rental truck comfortably moves two to three rooms.


Anyone planning a move in the near future, may be seeking to find the most reliable and comfortable truck rental available. There is no need to look any further than the nearest Penske Rental outlet. Whether making a local move or a cross country one, penske truck rental has affordable rates for either a local move or a one way truck rental for longer hauls.

For a local move, an entire house can typically be moved utilizing a 16 foot Penske truck with two or three trips. Long distance movers that have tapered down their possessions in anticipation of the move, may find that using a Penske one way truck rental, may also meet their needs, as the model is quite spacious.

Vehicle Scpecifications

The 16 Foot Truck has a loading capacity of 4300 pounds, features 826 cubic feet of loading space, and 117 feet of floor space, thus making it quite adequate to transport two or three average sized rooms. Each truck comes standard with a easy to use 1,000 foot capacity loading ramp to permit easier loading of those heavier furnishings. Within the cargo area, tie rails are present so that items may be secured to prevent shifting during the move.

The trucks feature dual faced mirrors, which permit a greater range of vision around the truck’s perimeter, reducing the chance of an accident. Each truck has the capability of towing a car by utilizing a tow dolly, which may be provided by the renter, or can be rented in addition to the truck from Penske.

The amenities and features within the vehicle’s cab are top of the line within the industry, and all trucks feature automatic transmissions, power steering, and anti-lock breaks to enhance stopping abilities. Rest assured that the air conditioning is cold and the heater is warm, keeping renters comfortable regardless of the elements. It will not be necessary to continuously attempt to tune in radio stations during the journey, as every truck conveniently features a CD player.

A Well Maintained Fleet

Penske’s fleets of 16ft moving trucks are maintained on a regular basis and to the highest standards. Every truck is inspected to ensure the highest level of quality and safety one additional time, prior to each renter leaving the outlet. This level of dedication guarantees that Penske Truck Rental is taking every precaution to ensure renters a successful, stress free move.