Budget Truck Rental is the second largest consumer truck rental company in the United States, operating through a network of more than 2,800 corporate owned, dealer and franchised locations throughout the continental United States, serving both the consumer and light commercial sectors. Budget Truck Rental is offering local and one-way truck rentals, moving supplies, and moving equipment to both consumers and commercial businesses.

Doing it Yourself

Moving to a new home or apartment is a challenging task. There are hundreds of details to manage, from finding a new place and getting the money in place to buy or rent, to packing and finding movers. Today, with the economy struggling, most people are looking for ways to cut down on the cost of moving. One great way reduce moving costs is to forget the professional movers and try do it yourself moving.

Do it yourself moving is not as hard as it might sound. Whether you are moving across the city or across the country, there are rental trucks available to suit your needs. The main challenge is finding the right self service moving option for your move. Thinking in advance about what kind of moving truck rental you’ll want is a good idea. Once you know what type of vehicle you need, you can compare rates.

The hardest part of any move is preparation. Since most companies charge daily rates for truck rental, getting everything packed and ready for the day you get the truck will make the move go a lot faster and save money. Keep in mind that proper packing will pay dividends on both ends of the move. Many companies offer moving accessories such as boxes, tape or bubble wrap to help you organize while you pack.

Budget Has the Truck for You

A key issue in self service moving is choosing a truck that’s the right size for your move. Moving trucks come in many sizes. If you are just moving down the street, you might be able to take several loads in a day, and a smaller truck might be more economical. On the other hand, if you are moving across the city, you may need to choose a larger truck. In most cases, if you are moving from city to city, you’ll want make the move in one trip. Many rental truck companies offer guides to help you choose the right size rental truck.

Moving across the city or down the street can often be accomplished with a one day truck rental. Many companies offer one day rentals at great rates. Rates usually depend on the size of the moving truck but often don’t have a mileage charge. If your move is just down the street, you may be able to get by with a small truck. If you’re moving far across the city a larger truck will probably better. Most large cities have heavy traffic, and loading and unloading takes time even when you are prepared. Between loading, unloading and driving, you may be restricted to one or two trips. Making the most every trip is worthwhile.

Rent for Your Schedule

If you’re not totally ready to move, you can always rent the truck on several different days or rent the truck for several days in a row. It may cost a little more, but it might reduce the headache of getting everything out the door on the same day.

Moving State to State

Moving across the country or from city to city presents a different challenge. For most people, this means making only one trip, so everything really does have to be ready to go when the truck is rented. Self moving from city to city will usually mean renting the truck for several days. Most people moving between cities need a full day to load the truck and another full day to unload the truck, plus travel time.

When moving between cities it usually makes sense to get a one way truck rental. Many companies, like Budget truck rental, have outlets in most major cities, so it’s easy to pick up a truck in one city and drop it off in another city. If you choose one way truck rental, you will probably need to select a larger rental truck, since all of your belonging will have to make the move in one shot.

Moving is a big challenge, and it’s an expensive challenge. With everyone looking for ways to keep costs down, do it yourself moving is getting more popular. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies out there with products and services to help you move. With good preparation you really can save money. You can find A Budget truck rental from the states below:

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