Pack in Paper Bags

For items that you will need to move and use immediately, such as clothes, toiletries and kitchen supplies, use regular paper bags. You can usually get them for free at your grocery store by asking for "paper" instead of "plastic" during the trips up to before your move. At larger stores, such as Jewel or Dominicks, the clerks may also be inclined to give you a few extra if you just ask nicely.

Free Moving Supplies

Get Boxes Free

We saved a lot of money on small moving boxes by taking the advice of a friend who had recently moved. Most grocery stores receive eggs and dairy products in small, handled cardboard boxes. Usually, these are bundled and discarded. Visit your grocery store when the dairy supervisor is on duty and ask if they would be willing to part with any. These small boxes are perfect for delicate kitchenware or other small items.

Don't Use Packing Peanuts

Newspaper, magazines or plastic bags are very useful for wrapping delicate items. Ask your neighbors for these items instead of purchasing kraft paper or "packing peanuts".

Buy in Bulk

When all else fails, go commercial. Companies such as ULine sell boxes and other supplies in bulk, which will save a lot of company over purchasing through retail stores or movers.