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Are you searching for Moving Companies? Getting free quotes has never been easier, even though choosing the right Movers can be a difficult course. If you're going cross-country or just moving cross-town, the relocation route can be quite frustrating and stressful from start to finish. Truck Rental Rates is here to help you craft the decisions for the best possible move.

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You can get "performance reports" on larger, interstate moving companies by calling the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC). Call for the number of the regional office closest to you. Most states do not regulate intrastate moving, however, call your state transportation department to find out if they license moving company in your state or have any performance information about individual movers.

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Contact your local department of consumer affairs and ask if there are any complaints registered about the movers you're considering. If the move is within your state, request the same information from your state's transportation department and public utilities commission. Keep in mind that there are usually two sides to every story. A pattern of many complaints, however, is not a good sign.

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Ask all moving companies for references - be sure to understand the coverage for loss or damage of your shipment. All licensed movers must provide liability for the value of goods they transport. There are different levels of liability that you need to be aware of. You need to understand the amount of protection provided and the additional charges that may apply. See’s guide to moving insurance to understand the different options.

If you are in need of something other than a residential moving company, can help you there as well. We also provide information and quotes from Car Shipping Transport Companies, Storage Facilities, International Moving Companies, Moving Supply, And Self-Moving Services.