Penske and Reliability

One Way Truck Rentals

Customers who lease trucks from Penske can rely on a global corporation with more than 1,000 locations in North and South America, as well as Europe and Asia. Penske's truck leasing operations are headquartered in Reading, PA. In March 2011, Penske expected to add over 11,000 new consumer and commercial trucks to its rental fleet. The trucks are positioned to respond to demands for better fuel economy and lower emissions. Penske truck rental cabs are more aerodynamic with low-rolling resistance tires and roof fairings to improve wind resistance capabilities. The new additions to the fleet give Penske over 40,000 units for its commercial trucks and 13,000 for its consumer vehicles. 

Consumers turn to Penske moving trucks to transport goods for both residential and business needs. Penske does not charge consumers a per mile fee when they rent trucks to move anywhere in the United States. This feature gives consumers the peace of mind to be able to choose the best driving route, even when it may mean adding a few extra miles to their trip. Penske also takes some of the worry out of the journey by offering assistance to renters 24-hours a day.

Penske makes one way truck rental a simple process. Penske truck rental personnel will help consumers choose the best size trucks for their moves. While many renters consider moving to be a significant occasion they rarely have the experience that Penske can share with them to make the move safe and efficient. Consumers have the choice of four different sized trucks. The trucks range in size from 12-foot models up to 26-foot models. Penske promises to provide trucks maintained by qualified mechanics to reduce the chance that consumers will experience any malfunctions during their trip.

Renters, in particular, people who are interested in a one way truck rental, often need a way to transport their personal vehicle. Penske moving trucks are capable of towing a vehicle behind them when renters attach a tow dolly or car carrier to the truck. Penske personnel help renters to choose the right type of towing devices and instruct them on how to secure them to the trucks safely.

There is never a need for a one way truck rental to be a point of stress for a mover. Whether a business move or a personal one, consumers have kept Penske as a leader in the industry because consumers value reliability, convenience and safety.

Rent for the time period you need—and return the rental truck on time

Don’t sign up for a three-day rental “just in case” if you think you’ll only need the truck for a few hours. The fee will likely be too high to make this valuable. On the other hand, make absolutely sure you can return the truck in the time period you promise, as late fees are borderline exorbitant at many companies.

Some rental services will automatically assign you a certain number of days for a long, multi-state, one-way move, and if you rent the truck early, you won’t get a discount. Use the truck for the full time you’re allotted, but no more.

Document on the one way truck’s condition

You may be required to pay for damages if anything happens to the truck while you’re driving it. The company should have records of existing damages to the vehicle, and will likely also have you fill out a vehicle inspection report to record the condition of the truck when you received it, but some disreputable companies or companies with poor records might attempt to charge you for damage you didn’t cause.

If you have “before” pictures taken with a witness—to prove the pictures truly were from before—you may be able to fight a claim by the truck company. Your best bet here, however, is to avoid questionable companies that would charge their customers for preexisting damages in the first place. Do your research beforehand and choose the reputable business that’s right for you.