Alternative Moving

If you are planning on moving and cannot afford the high prices moving companies charge. Self moving rates might be a great solution for you.

Flat Fee

Self moving rates are flat which means there are no additional fees accompanied with your move. Whatever rate you received is the final price for your move. The price is based on the container size you pick rather then the space and weight your possessions take.

Easy Self Moving

It is so easy. ABF U-Pack will drop off a container in the size you select which you will be available for you to pack and load for up to three days. Once you are finished and ready to go, they will to pick up the container from your current location, drive and deliver it to the new location, and allow you to unpack and unload for up to three days.

Self moving rate is so convenient. You do not have to leave the house or drive these long distances. You can unload your belongings slowly but surely at your own phase without creating a mess everywhere.